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Delaware Agricultural Museum

Delaware Agricultural Museum

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The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, a private, non-profit organization, is situated in Dover, Delaware. It is dedicated to the preservation of the agricultural heritage of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula. The museum opened its doors to the public in August 1980.The museum has a large exhibit hall with artifacts from a 19th-century farming community, and a village with 15 buildings. The main exhibit building has more than 4,000 artifacts, which convey the story of growth and change in Delaware and Delmarva's agricultural industries and farm home life.The museum exhibits tractors, horse-drawn equipment, and farming implements that date from 1670 through the 1950s. Those historic buildings are replicas of the type seen around the area in the late-18th- through the 19th century.The museum is governed by a volunteer board of 24 trustees. The grounds and the exhibit halls are filled with the articles and tools of a rural and agricultural lifestyle.Facilities for conducting weddings, cocktail parties, picnics, reunions, receptions, press conferences, and political events are available. There are several picnic spots around the village.

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