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Boston Children`s Museum

Boston Children`s Museum

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Situated at 300 Congress Street, Boston Children's Museum is a fun place where children of all ages can understand and enjoy the world in which they live. Through world-class exhibits and programs, it provides opportunities for new insights, involvement with the world, and understanding of human differences.The museum was established in 1913, by a group of teachers in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. The museum collects artifacts interpreting culture and natural history and has over 50,000 objects in its collection.Highlights of this interactive museum include the Amazing Castle, where children can explore all aspects of village life; the Art Studio; Boats Afloat, a popular ongoing exhibit with displays on boats, navigation, and bridges in Fort Point Channel; Climbing the Walls, where one can enjoy the thrill of indoor rock-climbing; the Hall of Toys; a 100-year old Japanese House; a Science Playground; and Supermercado, based on a real Latino supermarket in Boston.Through hands-on interactions with objects, models, and specimens, the museum allows the visitors to explore how the world works. This much-loved destination offers ideal learning environments for kids.

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