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Harlequin AM-365 - History

HarlequinA sea duck, found chiefly in North America, Iceland and Siberia.(AM-365: dp. 530; 1. 184& 39;6& 34;, b. 33& 39;, dr. 9& 39;9& 34;; s. 15 k.; cpl, 104; a. 1 3& 34;, 4 40mm.; cl. Admirable)Harlequin (AM-365) was launched 3 June 1944 by Willamette Iron & Steel Corp., Portland, Oreg.; sponsored by Mrs.
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Peoples, Nations, Events

Life in USSR under Stalin

Life in USSR under Stalin Stalin's control over Russia meant that freedom was the one thing that people lost. The people of Russia had to read what the state allowed, see what the state allowed and listen to what the state allowed. The state's control of the media was total. Those who attempted to listen, read etc.
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Course of History

Gregory Rasputin

Gregory Rasputin Rasputin was born in 1872 and died in 1916 and he was to be one of the central figures in Russia's modern history up to the fall of the royal family in 1917. Rasputin achieved huge power in a very short space of time - but that power lead to Rasputin having many enemies within Russia.
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Promotional Pressure Groups

Promotional pressure groups endeavour to promote a particular cause, and for this reason are sometimes called 'cause' groups. Promotional pressure groups are not self-interested in that the achievement of their objectives is not necessarily of direct professional or economic benefit to the members of the group.
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